Predators is a ROBLOX storyline based on the famous Predator series. The storyline transitions over various characters while focusing mainly on a human protagonist and her Yautja ally.


The Yautja (or Predators) have hunted humans for many years. In Guatemala, 1987 a single Predator stalked a team of special forces soldiers before it was defeated by the team's major. Then, in 1997, another Predator travelled to Earth and begun hunting humans in Los Angeles, California before it was killed by a lieutenant of the LAPD. And despite these failed hunts, the Predators continue to hunt humans, sometimes on Earth — and sometimes taking them to other worlds, such as the Game Preserve Planet.

However, in 2005, a 16 year old girl named Skylar Lewis befriends a young, but veteran Predator known as Shadow, who begins training her like a Yautja warrior. Together, they become a very cooperative unit and always look out for each other. Even still, there are Predators looking to hunt humans, and there are also the Super Predators to look out for; Predators with no sense of honor at all.

The Humans will not stand down even with Predators out there hunting them. Most are likely to start fighting back. But they may not have a chance, as the Yautja have superior technology that provides them an advantage in combat. The Predators are always looking for a challenge, and some Humans might just be the answer to that challenge.

List of CharactersEdit

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  • The storyline features an alliance between a Human and a Predator.
  • The Super Predators appear to be the main antagonists.
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